Explore in a new way

Because life is too short to be wasting time searching the internet looking for things to do. Download Hijinnks then select what you are wanting to see, we will then bring all these interests and events directly to you.

Current Problem

From experience, as we get older, it is harder to meet and socialize with other like-minded people. How do you currently find new friends? How do you find the newest bar in a new town? There seems to be a large disconnect in a very changing social world, one that we are changing for the better!


A New Way

With Hijinnks you will be able to find the very latest events that are going on around you in any city or country that you are in. We have also made it incredibly easy for you to find and follow your friends and other like-minded people that share the same interest as you. Looking for a dance partner, or you have a spare ticket to a music festival? You can find friends to share any experience with you.

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