Changing the way we search for events

Gone are the days of tirelessly searching goggle or yelp for the best bars or restaurants to go to. With Hijinnks, you get it all in one app!

Don’t waste time

Hijinnks brings you all the events that are happening in real time. No more wasting time searching for things to do and missing out.

Have more fun

By finding the things that you love to do, you can do them instantly and more often than ever! Life is short so do more of saying yes to having fun!


With Hijinnks you can share any event with ease. Invite all your friends and family, experience having more laughter and fun than ever before.

“This is the app that I have been waiting for. All my events and friends in one place”
Fiona Hartwell
London, England
“Now I get to do more of the things that I love doing, and meeting cool people too!”
David Stilwell
Paris, France

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