Beaches, burgers and the barred: California may claim 2/3 of Lake Tahoe is 192 Square miles, but the Nevada side offers this summertime trifecta. At Sun Harbor, where the parking lot feels early, crystalline water lapse a long, sandy shore dotted with cedars and pines. You can swim, scuba-dive, and kayak in the largest Alpine lake on the continent at this 55–acre North Tahoe enclave, part of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, or stroll the quarter – mile Trail past hidden cloves and granite boulders. And when hunger strikes, grab a fresh off the grill burger at the concession stand run by Char–Pit, a local institution since 1962. After birthday time crowds have decamped, Sand Harbour morphs into a slice of Olde England, albeit one set and made 10,000 foot Sierra Peaks. During the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare festival, actors strut and fret their hours upon a stage backed by a stunning vista at the lake and distant mountains.

There is more fun from the south of Sand Harbour. Tall historic Thunderbird Lodge, once the Gatesbyesque Estate of San Francisco mogul George Whittell Jr,  Oarfish, swim, and boats at Cave Rockspocket-size beach, also part of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. At Zephyr Cove Resorts. Pay to park beach near the casino action o the state line, a party by prevails south of the pier. Parasailing, jet skiing, and beach volleyball not your scene? Signed up for a cruise aboard a vintage motor yacht, a catamaran, or the M/S Dixie2 II, a 500 passenger boat resembling a Mississippi River paddle wheeler.


For generations of Boiseans and other residents of Southwest Idaho, the arrival of winter heat has meant one thing: Escape to the refreshing waters of Payette Lake. A sapphire-hued playground sits in the green-robed mountings, the 8-mile long lake promises crisp mornings and beautiful scenery come this time of year. The beautiful stillness of Payette Lake invites you to take an early morning stroll against the shores, to absorb the crispness and to feel the fresh breeze skimming off the surface of this large lake.

McCall is also the centre of Payette Lake busy boating seen, here you can embark on a daytime or sunset cruise aboard 90 passengers Idaho or rent your own craft.

The large choice of rentals includes pontoon boats, perfect for family outings to Sandy Eastside sports such as quiet Davis beach, also which will buy a car.

Located next to McCall, Ponderosa State Park is Payette’s crown jewel.  A 1,515-acre peninsula that chats into the lake from the self, the park office campsites, cabined, picnic tables, beaches, and miles of hike and by trials through first and 150-foot Ponderosa Pines. The separates North Beach section of the park at the lakes northern end as 750 person limits and can draw a party crowd on holiday weekends. Otherwise, it is blessedly Tranquille. Rent a kayak or canoe to paddle the Northfork of the Payette River.


That’s the lake monster really lurking in the depths of Flathead Lake in northwest Montana? Local legend as claimed so since the first alleged citing in 1889,  but on a Crisp winters day, when the largest natural freshwater lake in the west sparkles and glistens like a Hollywood gown, you will have far more important questions to consider: Should I head to the scheduled Coath of Yellow Bay State Park, should I rent a boat or swim at the long, Pebblebeach boarded by juniper and ponderosa pine at big arm State Park?

Bracketed by the heavily forested mission and Swan mountain ranges and dotted with small islands and hidden beaches, 28 mile long Flathead Lake office places to ring you but all the usual water-based fun – from sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and fishing for trophy size trout to Friel riding behind a powerboats on the whiteboard, waterskis, or an inner tube. I top coating destination is wild horse islands, And undeveloped 2160 acre State Park site with cliffs, prairie, and old growth forest that is home to be called sheep, mule day and a small band of wild horses.

Not far from the lake, taking easy, 4-mile round trip bike ride or walk along the Swan River Nature Trail, or visit U-Pick cherry farms where the luscious, sweet fruit.  Craving a little civilisation? In the lakeside village of Bigfork, your find galleries, terrific theatre at the Bigfork summer playhouse, and eateries such as the flat head like brewing company. Try the smoky paddle – a platter of cheeses, sausage, and smoked salmon – paired with multi Bufflehead Brown ale.


This nearly 4-mile long ribbon Alperstein Bluewater in Oregon is north-east corner is bounded by glacial moraines. At rustic Wallowa Lake Lodge, they restored 22 room 1920s gem, a guest in search of hazelnut pancakes with marionberry butter drift towards the dining room.

At Wallowa Lake State Park, campus emerge sleepy-eyed from the tents and the parks rentable yurts To get the coffee going. Out on the lake, a splash of an angler landing a fat trout or a Kokanee salmon – the worlds largest was caught here – breaks the waters smooth surface. As the Sun arcs hiya, ponderosa pine and Douglas fir were released their racing aroma, and things start to hop. Kids bash into each other’s bumper boats. Some visitors rent kayaks, good news, stand-up paddleboard, or rowboats at the marina. Others set off on horseback ride is, check out the art galleries in the town of Joseph, or Clymer board and the aerial gondola that whisks them to the 8300-foot summit of Mount Harwood, whether I can take a mountain walk and marvel at the three states of you.

The nights are otherwise quiet and peaceful and the skies – far from city lights – sparkle with countless stars.


Cobalt water, I desert landscape of rosy rock and tawny sand, And a brilliant son in a blue sky give like power a beauty that verges on the hypnotic. Located mostly in Utah, with a small portion in Arizona, the country second largest man-made lake by volume lies within the vast space and geologic wonders of Glen Canyon National recreation area.

Let someone else do the skippering during a scenic boat tour that winds through miles of towering Navajo sandstone formations in Antelope Canyon. Another tour fairies you to the short trail leading to the stunning rainbow bridge, an arching, 290-foot high rock formation that’s the worlds largest known Natural Bridge. If lolling under an umbrella, picnicking, and swimming temporary more then a scenic hike, plenty of sandy beaches invite you to take a walk along the lakes 1960 mile shoreline.

Settle in with your morning coffee or end of the day adult Libation and wash as the rise of the rising or setting sun hit the landscape, creating an astonishingly rich pallet of red, burnt orange, and gold. No ticket required.


Can a lake have a split personality? Chelan, On the sun-drenched side of the cascade range, just might. On its lower end, this lender, 5- mile long thread of glacier melt thrums with fun. Jetskis zip about; powerboats tow skiers and soaring parasailers. Families paddleboard, splash and swim in the sun-soaked shallows.

Away from the water, in a small town Chelan, vacationers poke into shops, catch a flick at this historic 1914 Ruby theatre, and grab a bite at the Lakeview drive-in, where hungry lake goers have devoured burgers and fries with housemaid seasoning salt since 1957. Some visitors out to sample vintages at local wineries – that a more than 20 – or gather apples, cherries, and berries at u-pick farms.

Hop aboard the 285-passenger lady of the lake to for days, for our cruises to the lakes upper tip, and you’ll witness a transformation. Soon, the watercraft and crowds are left behind. The gentle landscape of orchards, cosy towns, And rounded, semiarid Hills turns into a wild, forested to rain back to buy the jagged peaks of the Cascade range and populated by such wildlife as bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

At journeys end, in the tiny community of Stehekin, You can take the boat back to civilisation and arrive in time for supper. Better yet, perhaps, stay overnight at the North cascades lodge at Stehekin, so that you can explore the trails and rivers of the 61,958 acres Lake Chelan and national recreational area. After a blissful night sleep and a horseback ride, river – rafting trip, or a visit to the 312-foot range by force, the other Chelan will seem a world away.