• *Is the app free to download?

    Yes! Hijinnks is free for everyone to use and enjoy. We are making it even easier for all of us to connect and share events.

  • *How many events are on Hijinnks?

    That’s up to you? All the events that you will see on your homepage will be the events that you are interested in seeing. When you signup to Hijinnks you will let us know what you want to see, and that’s all that you will see. You can, of course, search for other things that may interest you as well.

  • *How does Hijinnks know what's always happening?

    We have programmed and developed an amazing app that I am sure everyone is enjoying. Hijinnks is always partnering up with new companies that are local and national based, to bring you the very latest news and offerings that serve your interests. Such as happy hours, bars, restaurants, theatre shows, football matches, Nascar etc, etc, the list goes on and on.

  • *Can I follow other users?

    Yes. We have created Hijinnks so that we can meet friends of, old and new. Just like other social media sites you can follow other users and be kept up to date of what events they are attending and, ones that you may also like to join in the fun with.

  • *Can I block other users?

    Yes. Your enjoyment and peace of mind of using the app and attending events will always be a primary concern for us.

  • *Do you have a customer helpline number?

    Yes. You will able to reach us at +1 (702) 418 5089 or email us at info@hijinnks.com and will gladly help answer your questions.

  • *How does Hijinnks work?

    Please have a look at this short video to help answer this. If you need anything else you can call or email us and we will gladly help you further.