It’s been said Las Vegas needs professional sports, or a thriving arts and culture community,  Or a more diverse economy in order to become a truly great city. But we believe there is something else that defines a major metropolis, something simple yet necessary, and Vegas as it’s very own version – street food.

History is more than the most well-known street in Las Vegas; It’s our main artery. And it starts with our own over the top version of street food – delicious offerings that put a taco truck or hot dog cart to shame. Take a stroll down the “side street” known as the Linq Promenade and take your pick from fish and chips from (Gordon Ramsay), classic pastrami (from Canter’s Deli), gourmet dogs, cheesy slices or sushi burritos, just to name a few. Now that there is an In-N-Out Burger along the Linq-the first on the strip-The collection is complete. Midwest, East Coast and international visitors have been getting there In-N-Out fix in Las Vegas for years; now the exalted Double-Double beckons from an even more convenient location. Do they even need to go to California anymore?

As it does everything else, the Strip handles street food in a glitzy and delicious way. It doesn’t get any more major than that.

In-N-Out Burger at the Linq Promenade, 800-786-100; Sunday-Thursday 10:30 am, Friday & Saturday 10:30-1:30 am.