1. THE GOLDEN STEER. Wher the velvet wallpaper still muffles conversation, the red-jacketed waiters still make caesar salads according to Frank’s recipe and no one, but no one mentions carbs!


2. LITTLE CHURCH OF THE WEST. It’s been moved three times over the past 70 years, but it’s still a quaint, wood-panelled spot for the happiest day of your life. Or, if you’re Zsa Zsa Gabor, one of the nine happiest days of your life.


3. THE SPECIAL COLLECTIONS AT UNLV’s LIED LIBRARY. Flip through the old copies of Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine, admire photos for the first World Series of Poker or dig oral histories of the Moulin Rouge and Desert in.


4. PARADISE PALMS. Vegas’s most celebrated historic neighbourhood still retains its mid-century mojo. Famous residents of Paradise Palms throughout the decades have included celebrities Johnny Carson, Debbie Reynolds, Dean Martin, La Toya Jackson, Dinah Shore, Howard Hughes protégé Robert Maheu, and mobster Tony Spilotro. Other former residents include VeriSign co-founder Kristian Meier, renowned labour Attorney John Tofano, as well as politicians and various casino strip entertainment executives.


5. SECOND FLOOR OF THE D. Vintage slot machines? And old Sigma Derby horseracing game? Let’s gamble like its 1979! Ever since The D purchased more than 850 Riviera slot machines back in June, the downtown casino (formerly Fitzgerald’s) has been swapping out 15-20 per week with existing machines on its second floor, a floor devoted to classic machines.