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Hijinnks is the only app to give live updates on the events going on around you in any city that you’re in.

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The only app to connect you to live events that creates a  whole new social world. Discover more with Hijinnks.



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The ultimate events app

Experience a world of finding things to do right at your fingertips. Hijinnks brings you the very latest events around you no matter where you live or to where you are travelling! Life is meant to be fun, so let’s enjoy it fully!

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Create any event with Hijinnks and share it with your friends or everybody. Create and explore in any location that you’re in.

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With Hijinnks you get every event that is going on in Las Vegas. You name it, we have it! Every Event, Every Show, Every Restaurant, Every Bar, EVERYTHING!


Follow your friends and others to see what cool events they are going to. Get updated and informed of where the fun is and what is happening.

“We absolutely love Hijinnks and the amount of fun that we have had finding local events and meeting new friends has been brilliant!”.
— Casey, Adam, Dan,
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